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Restorative Swing Bed Care

Photo and testimonial from a family who used Swing Bed program.

Swing bed is a Medicare Program that is designed to provide additional skilled care to help an individual recover from illness or surgery. Any patient who does not need acute care, but is not ready to go home, can benefit from Swing Bed care. This ensures continuity of care by keeping them in a facility that offers the skills of doctors, nurses and therapists. If an emergency arises during the rehab process, patients can return to acute care status often remaining in the same room.

Who qualifies for Swing Bed?

A consecutive, 3-day acute inpatient hospitalization immediately prior to skilled swing bed care is required. Under private insurance, admission requirements vary according to individual plans. This means you must be hospitalized for 3 days in a row to qualify for Swing Bed.

The patient must need some form of daily skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitation service which can only be provided in a skilled nursing facility. Even if you have surgery or were hospitalized elsewhere you can transfer following discharge to receive Swing Bed Care at Gundersen St. Joseph's Hospital and Clinics.

Examples of patients who may benefit from Swing Bed include:

  • Patients recovering from major surgery or joint replacement
  • Patients recovering from a major accident or stroke
  • Patients with wounds that need special care

For more information about skilled Swing Bed, call Social Services at (608) 489-8289.

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