Sleep Studies

Getting to the root of sleep problems may require a sleep study. In the Gundersen Sleep Center, sleep patterns are evaluated by sleep disorder experts.

A sleep study or polysomnogram (PSG) consists of spending a night at the Sleep Center to have sleep evaluated. While sleeping, a technician monitors:

  • Brain waves
  • Eye movements
  • Muscle tone
  • Limb movements
  • Heart activity
  • Oxygen level
  • Air exchange.

Some patients may also be asked to stay for a multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). The MSLT is a series of opportunities to nap during the day while four body functions are measured.

The Sleep Lab's professional staff uses the results of the sleep study to diagnose sleeping disorders and recommend appropriate treatment. Patients can refer themselves to the Sleep Center or they may be referred by a doctor. If they are referred by a doctor, he or she will receive a report on the sleep study results and recommendations for treatment.

Recommended treatment plans depend on the type and severity of the sleep disorder. Some conditions are treated with medications, while others may require a carefully planned change in sleep schedule. Occasionally surgery is advised to relieve severe breathing problems during sleep.

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