Educational Offerings

Supervisor/Manager Training

EAP: A Management Intervention Tool

This training is designed to enhance a managers' skill in dealing with troubled employees by effectively utilizing services available to them through the Employee Assistance Program. Participants will become familiar with the Four Steps to Effective Intervention with Problem Employees and the Supervisory Referral Process. Time frame - 2.5 hours, but may be modified as needed.

Department of Transportation Mandatory Supervisor Training

This training satisfies the training requirement for supervisors outlined in the Department of Transportation Federal Regulations. Participants will receive the required two hours of alcohol/drug information. Participants will also be provided with a review and update of current DOT regulations, drug testing requirements and procedures, information pertaining to reasonable suspicion and the Substance Abuse Professional Program. Time frame - 4 hours

Reasonable Suspicion Training

This training will provide supervisors and identified company or union representative's information to better prepare them to recognize warning signs and symptoms of substance misuse in the workplace. Participants will be able to define Reasonable Suspicion, identify warning signs of a troubled employee, and discuss the value and methods of documentation and implement intervention methods. Time frame - 2 hours, but may be modified as needed.

Harassment and Bullying Behavior in the Workplace: What Managers Need to Know

This presentation will assist management in reviewing issues related to harassment and bullying including assessing and responding to complaints of harassment and bullying, steps in taking a proactive stance, and creating a climate of "zero tolerance" for harassment in the workplace. Time frame - 1 hour

Crisis Management of Workplace Trauma

A program for managers of organizations facing trauma, violence, or ongoing, high stress situations such as Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Services, Hospital, etc. The program explains Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefings. It provides components of an effective response to critical incidents. Workplace violence and bullying are addressed, as is employee grief in response to a workplace illness or death. Stress management principles are covered. Time frame - 1 hour

Employee Presentations/Training

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EAP Information


This brief informational session educates employees about EAP as a company benefit. Orientation will include what the Employee Assistance Program is and how to access the services in a confidential manner. Time frame - 15 to 30 minutes

Workgroup Relationships

The Respectful Workplace

This presentation provides a positive opportunity for employees to evaluate their verbal and non-verbal interactions with co-workers and customers. Respectful communication techniques will be addressed including I-messages, active listening, giving and receiving feedback, management of criticism, and assertive communication. Time frame - 1 hour

Harassment and Bullying Behaviors in the Workplace: What Employees Need to Know

This presentation will provide an overview of sexual harassment in the workplace. Information to assist in the identification of sexual harassment, assessing your own behavior, familiarization with company policy, and the process for reporting sexual harassment will be addressed. Time frame - 1 hour

Giving and Receiving Feedback in Teams

Conflict is a normal occurrence in all teams and is best handled by giving feedback when it happens rather than avoiding it. This session will review the DESCribe model for giving feedback to coworkers and other tips when dealing with conflict. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss and practice giving feedback through the use of scenarios of conflict situations that often occur in teams. Time frame - 1 hour

Professional Boundaries

Appropriate boundaries are an important part of the work environment in any business. This informational presentation is designed to encourage employees to evaluate what boundaries are, and how to maintain healthy, appropriate boundaries within their work environment. Time frame - 1 to 1.5 hours

Women Working With Women

Workgroups comprised of primarily women bring a unique perspective to the workplace. Increasing the understanding of key emotional responses and behaviors in personal and professional relationships is the goal of this presentation. This unique session can be tailored to specific workgroups to include issues such as gossip, enhancing communication, and conflict resolution. Time frame - 1 to 1.5 hours

Stress and Self Care

Maintaining Healthy Boundaries in Health Care

Healthcare professionals are often challenged with the issue of healthy interaction associated with patients and their families, colleagues and even in their personal lives. Throughout this program participants will be encouraged to examine their own boundaries in their professional roles and interaction with co-workers. Time frame - 1 to 1.5 hours

Self Care in Changing Times

Organizations are not static - they are ever changing and evolving. The human side of non-stop or rapid change is often charged with resistance and is tiring. This informational session will encourage employees to develop new skills and tools necessary to deal with change while at the same time feel fulfilled and successful in their work environment as they adapt to organizational change. Time frame - 1 hour

Compassion Fatigue: Caring for Ourselves as We Care for Others

Compassion fatigue has been described as the emotional residue of working with the suffering, particularly those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events. Police, fire fighters, emergency response personnel, health care workers, and others who frequently deal with trauma victims, are at risk. This program will review signs and symptoms and strategies for self-care. Time Frame - 1 hour

Managing Job Stress: Balancing Work and Home

In today's hectic world, balancing the demands of family and work can become a real juggling act. This workshop will help individuals identify strategies for managing stress in their lives in order to achieve better balance with life's demands. Time frame - 0.5 to 1 hour


Did You Know?

Companies insist upon maintaining a drug free workplace for health & safety reasons. However, employees don't always have the needed information to comply with company policies. This presentation provides basic information regarding alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. Time frame - 0.5 to 1 hour

Brown Bags

Parenting Your Parent

A significant number of sons or daughters will be faced with caring for an aging parent. This brief presentation provides common sense approaches to issues that arise when faced with this family issue. Time frame - 0.5 hour

Retirement: Are You Emotionally Prepared

Most everyone looks forward to retirement and works to be financially prepared. Employees, however, don't always prepare emotionally for the loss of identity, social interaction with co-workers, and change of purpose in life or within the family. This brief presentation introduces how to emotionally ease into retirement. Time frame - 0.5 to 1 hour

Mood and Food

This presentation is designed to provide insightful tips on how to better understand the connection between dietary food and mood. Information discussed will provide strategies for taking action. Helpful resources will also be identified for assisting individuals as they create and implement their action plan for change. Time frame – 0.5 hour


Positivity is the state of thinking about the good qualities, being hopeful and being optimistic. Throughout this program, participants will be encouraged to examine their own positivity. The participants will also be challenged to explore ways their mood and mind-set can positively impact their environment and relationships. Time Frame - 30 minutes

Cubicle Etiquette Presentation

More and more of our society is working in a cubicle environment. This fun presentation addresses cubicle etiquette issues and how to be a better cubicle coworker. Issues of noise control, communicating with coworkers, and other employee issues are discussed to improve working relationships within cubicle environments. Time frame - 30 to 45 minutes

Holiday Stress

Holidays are not always fun for everyone. This lighthearted seasonal presentation invites participants to take a realistic look at the pressures they may feel coming from family traditions, personal and/or professional relationships and strategies to utilize to rediscover the joy of the season. Time frame - 0.5 hour

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