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Exams & Screenings

Within 24 hours of birth, your baby will have a complete physical exam. If you are choosing a family medicine doctor, the doctor of your choosing or the family medicine doctor on-call will examine your baby. If you are choosing a pediatrician for your baby, a pediatric hospitalist will examine your baby. A pediatric hospitalist is a doctor specializing in providing medical care to children in a hospital setting.

The first well baby office visit will be scheduled for you if you plan to see a doctor in La Crosse or Onalaska.

Critical congenital heart disease screening

Some babies can be born with a defect in the structure or function of the heart or vessels and appear normal the first few days of life. These babies with critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) are at risk of having serious or even life threatening complications if their condition is not diagnosed soon after birth. Once identified, these babies can receive special care and treatment early in life.

Hearing screening

Speech, language and mental growth are based on normal hearing. Your baby will be screened for hearing problems with the latest technology. These tests are simple and quick. They are a safe, painless and trusted way to measure how well a newborn hears. It is common for more tests to be done after screening. Middle ear fluid or debris in the ear canal may prevent an accurate test the first time around. Tests may show your baby has a hearing problem that should be studied. Chances of severe hearing loss are small. But, if hearing is impaired, it is important to detect it early.

Neonatal screening

The state of Wisconsin requires all infants to be tested for certain disorders before discharge. A heel prick yields enough drops of blood for testing. Results are sent to your baby's doctor in about 2 weeks. Learn more about state of Wisconsin screenings.

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