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When to start other foods

Breast milk or formula will be enough for your baby until about 4-6 months of age. Adding other foods then will help meet increased needs for energy and nutrients. Breast milk or formula will still be the major part of your baby's diet.

Wait until your baby is 4-6 months old before you try to feed solids from a spoon. There is nothing to be gained by starting solids before that. Cereal will not make your baby sleep through the night. There may even be some risks to starting solids early. Babies are not able to swallow and digest solid foods before age 4-6 months.

Learning to eat solid foods should be pleasant - not a struggle. Take your baby's needs into account. Let his or her age, appetite and growth help you and your provider decide when to start feeding solid foods. The first attempts will be slow and messy. Put a bib on your baby and try to be patient. Do not put food in your baby's bottle or use a feeding device. Your baby needs to learn all the tastes and textures of food. Learning to handle and eat from a spoon is a big challenge.

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