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Insurance Checklist

If you have insurance, find out what is covered. These are questions you should ask early in your pregnancy. You need to know well in advance what costs you must pay out of your own pocket. Getting these details from your insurance company is your responsibility. We require answers to some of these questions on forms you must complete before we can admit you to the hospital.

  1. What is the full name of your insurance company?
  2. What is your policy number?
  3. What is the name of the person who answered these questions?
  4. What date did you talk to this person?
  5. Does my hospital stay need to be preapproved? 
  6. If the answer is yes, ask the person what you must do. This is your responsibility.
  7. How many days can I stay after a vaginal birth? What if there are complications? Does the number of days allowed start from time of admission or time of birth?
  8. How many days can I stay if I have a cesarean birth?
  9. Is the cost of care covered if my baby has to stay longer in the hospital than me?
  10. If I stay longer to be with my baby, will my care also be covered?
  11. How do I add my baby to this policy?
  12. Are well-baby visits and immunizations covered?
  13. Is circumcision covered?
  14. If I use a breast pump, will that cost be covered?
  15. Will I be told in advance if there are any changes in what is covered?
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