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When a person has suffered impairment from an accident, stroke or illness they may need evaluation to test their cognitive abilities such as memory, reason or speech. This evaluation is used to determine whether cognitive changes are a result of a neurological injury, a psychological condition or a normal part of aging. Gundersen Neuropsychology uses the information to determine a diagnosis and a treatment plan that suits the patient’s needs.

We test for problems related to these conditions:

Neuropsychological testing may be done when there's impairment in cognitive, behavioral or emotional functioning. Testing may be done to rule out the following conditions or to determine their impact:

What is evaluated during a neuropsychological examination?

  • Intelligence
  • Perceptual and motor abilities
  • Attention, memory and learning
  • Language
  • Planning and organization
  • Problem solving and conceptualization
  • Academic skills
  • Emotional status, behavior and personality

A neuropsychological examination involves a variety of mental tasks, most of which are completed while sitting at a table. There are no painful or invasive procedures. Clinical evaluations often involve two to three hours of face-to-face contact, although this can vary significantly based on the reason for the tests and other factors. The examination can be scheduled in sessions of different duration and adjusted for patient endurance.

Neuropsychological tests can:

  • Confirm or clarify a diagnosis
  • Provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses to guide rehabilitation, educational or vocational interventions, or other treatment options
  • Document effects of treatment and changes in function across examination
  • Refer to other specialists such as educational therapists, cognitive rehabilitation professionals, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, special education teachers or vocational counselors
  • Help both the patient and family understand and cope with problems that led to examination and access relevant services
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