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Comprehensive IVF package pricing

We offer comprehensive IVF package prices. When comparing prices, it's important to look closely at what is included in each package (shown below).

  • IVF price = $9,500*
  • IVF using donor eggs = $7,000*

*Prices may fluctuate, please call our billing representatives at (608) 775-5702 for the most up to date price.

Because IVF is typically not covered by insurance, we have developed some risk-sharing packages to help increase your overall chance of success:

  • 2-transfer package (using own eggs) = $11,000*
  • Multi-cycle package (using own eggs) = $17,200*

*For details, call our billing representatives at (608) 775-5702

Packages include:

  • Baseline ultrasound and all monitoring ultrasounds
  • Baseline estradiol and all monitoring estradiol levels
  • One progesterone level at the end of your stimulation
  • Cryopreservation of a backup semen specimen
  • Egg retrieval with conscious sedation and ultrasound guidance
  • Egg identification and sperm preparation
  • Egg insemination and culture of embryos
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) if necessary
  • Preparation of embryos for transfer
  • Assisted hatching of embryos if necessary
  • Embryo transfer with ultrasound guidance

Packages do not include:

  • Testing or workup that may be required prior to the IVF cycle, which might be covered by insurance. Contact a billing representative for assistance.
  • Cycle medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs or prepare the uterus to accept the embryos.
  • Cryopreservation or freezing of extra embryos (unless you choose one of the multi cycle packages).
  • Frozen embryo storage.
  • Cycle coordination fee

Other IVF programs may appear to be less expensive, but may have hidden fees. Watch out for:

  • Extra fees for needed services such as ICSI, ultrasounds or laboratory testing.
  • Shared risk or warranty packages that could cost more than a single IVF cycle and criteria to qualify are strict.

Use this worksheet to help you calculate the actual cost of in vitro fertilization.

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