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Eye Care Patient Stories


One less distraction for busy mother

Active mom and teacher, LaLisha Olsen, was ready to say goodbye to the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. LASIK surgery at Gundersen gave her more time to focus on her family and continuing her education.

LaLisha's Story

LASIK experience was outstanding

Cathy Novy was amazed how quickly that she could see clearly following LASIK surgery. She says "outstanding" is the best way to describe her new vision and her entire LASIK experience at Gundersen.

Cathy's Story

Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery turns cloudy vision clear

Cataract surgery at Gundersen was the best thing Debra Keefe ever did for her vision. Her once cloudy view of her campground is now crisp and clear.

Debra's Story

Simple procedure, superb payoff

Within one hour following cataract surgery at Gundersen, George Kruck was seeing clearly again. He couldn't believe how easy the procedure was and what a different it has made in his everyday life.

George's Story

Love + Medicine

Every day, Gundersen Health System delivers great medicine plus a little something extra—we call it Love + Medicine.

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