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Respecting Choices® Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning, as defined by Respecting Choices, is a person-centered, ongoing process of communication that facilitates individuals’ understanding, reflection and discussion of their goals, values and preferences for future healthcare decisions.

Advance Care Planning Overview & Tutorial

Planning for future medical decisions makes an important difference only when you have taken time to engage in the process of planning

Gundersen Health System is leading the nation with its innovative advance care planning program —Respecting Choices®. The Respecting Choices' evidence-based model leads to high-quality care for patients and the population while at the same time reduces healthcare costs.

By starting small and building success over time, Respecting Choices designed microsystems that would be integrated into routine care practices across the continuum of care and embedded in community venues. Today, over two decades since its inception, this evidence-based program has been successfully replicated and returns on investment achieved in diverse communities and cultures worldwide.

Return on investment using the Respecting Choices Advance Care Planning (ACP) model of care is multifaceted and aligns with many organizational goals and standards for best practice. The Respecting Choices model also assists organizations in initiating and sustaining best practices to achieve accreditation, certification, legal and regulatory requirements.

Download the Return on Investment document to learn more.

Respecting Choices is owned and operated by Gundersen Health System, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located in La Crosse, WI, USA.

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