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The RTS training is applicable to clinical practice in both inpatient, outpatient, and home. The format and delivery of content is thoughtful, evidenced-based, and relevant. The activities woven throughout are meaningful and elegantly timed to best meet the learning needs of conference participants. The conference is also constructed to meet the learning needs of novice caregivers, as well as, experienced caregivers.

I deeply appreciate the tenacity and commitment of the speakers and RTS for delivering a high-quality conference on such an important and forever remembered event in a families life. Thank you!

This was an amazingly informative and powerfully moving course. I would recommend RTS to every person who cares for these patients…it is eyeopening to think of all the ways we can standardize and better our care for them.

One of the most beneficial conferences I have been to. The topic of "hope" and what families hope for in situations surrounding death brought a new perspective to my thoughts on death. I will definitely be incorporating this into my care. Thank you.

This RTS training truly is the "gold standard" of training for perinatal bereavement. As a manager, it is valuable to have RTS as baseline training/ competency for [meeting] Joint Commission [standards].

This conference really opened my eyes to better care for my grieving families. The first two days were very emotional for me but gave me so many ideas on how to honor them and how to companion with them during such a difficult time. By the third day, I was so excited to bring back everything I had learned to my unit that I could hardly sit still!! I would highly recommend RTS.

I have already changed my practice since coming back to work this week. I have excited my team with some of my new knowledge and have shared my "bereavement encyclopedia" with some of my team members. Now they want more knowledge as well! One of our MFM's wants to take this course!!!! YEAH! This knowledge that I gained has influenced me on so many levels. It is hard for me to tell you all of the ways in which I will be even better going forward. My passion is soaring; I feel even more committed to the community I serve. THANK YOU!!!!!

This conference is one that I will NEVER forget and have already used some of my new "tools" with our fetal therapy patients since returning to work. I feel like a "soaked sponge" full of ideas to add to our program such as support for myself and team. My tool belt is much heavier and I am thrilled we will be bringing this training to our Legacy System! I am so grateful too for this grant. I do not think I would have been approved to go to this training otherwise. I had worked as a high risk L&D nurse for 25 years and then made a huge career change to my role now as the fetal care coordinator for Legacy's Fetal Therapy Program. The past three years have been some of the most rewarding years of my 28 year career. I truly wish I could have had this training 28 years ago!!!! Thank you RTS for this invaluable training!!!! 

This training was insightful and empowering, and will be extremely helpful in more fully developing our perinatal bereavement support at our hospital! Thank you!

I definitely have more direction on how to educate my staff and I am also more aware of what my role is a certified bereavement coordinator is. I will be using RTS as a guide to bringing my unit up to date on new practices for perinatal loss.

This RTS training has helped me to become more comfortable with my patients who are going to or have experienced prenatal loss and how to interact with them.

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