Class of 2010

Seated, L–R: Melissa Meinking, Ellyn Phearman, Erica Manternach, Annie Kessler. Standing, L–R: Erica Stevermer, Maggie May, Sam Dobbs, Ryan Benrud, Dr. William Agger, Tyler Shirel, Nicholas Ladwig, Hayley Born, Kristen Merkitch.
Benrud, Ryan (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse). Chronic Antibiotic Use and the Development of IBS

Born, Hayley (Yale University). Lumbar Spine MRIs: Appropriately Ordered?

Dobbs, Sam (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse). Short-term Effects of Lumbopelvic Manipulation and Hip Mobilization on Hip Strength

Kessler, Annie (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Development and Evaluation of a Polymerase Chain Reaction for Babesia microti

Ladwig, Nicholas (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Vertebral Body Fractures Following ProDisc-L Implantation

Manternach, Erica (College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota). Implementation of a Robotic Gynecologic Surgery Program in a Community Hospital

May, Maggie (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse). Anesthetic Considerations and Outcomes in the Bariatric Surgical Patient

Meinking, Melissa (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse). Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations in Young Women Treated with Mantle Radiation for Hodgkin Disease: A Survey of Knowledge among Primary Care Physicians

Merkitch, Kristen (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Long-Term Sequelae of Women Who Developed Preeclampsia during Pregnancy: A Case-Control Study

Phearman, Ellyn (Luther College, Decorah, Iowa). Compliance with Late Effects Guidelines in Pediatric Oncology

Shirel, Tyler (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse). Determining the Presence of Basal AnteroSeptal Hypertrophy (BASH) by Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) in Patients with Isolated Systolic Hypertension (ISH): The BASH/ISH Project

Stevermer, Erica (Winona State University). Conflict Engagement Initiative: Improving Patient Safety through Effective Communication
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