Class of 2005

Seated L–R: Jill Bowman, Patricia Young, Charlie Czezcok, Katharine Brock. Standing L–R: Kelly Maas, Maggie Jefferson, Adam Arendt, Lorna Buikema, Craig Kilburg, Dr. William Agger, McKenze Schultz, Liyong Lin, and Melissa Lenz.
Arendt, Adam (University of Wisconsin – Platteville). Risk Stratified Metabolic Syndrome and Stress Testing: Who Will Benefit from Cardiac Cath?

Bowman, Jill (Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa). Cancer Clinical Trials Available in the Community Setting: A Five-year Analysis from 2000-2004

Brock, Katharine (Pennsylvania State University). Addressing the Needs of Adolescents with Cancer Bereavement Including Care for the Caregiver

Buikema, Lorna (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities). Family and Birth Influences on Obesity in Adolescents; Missed Opportunities for Primary Prevention Screenings

Czezcok, Charlie (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Vesicant Infiltration Rates

Jefferson, Jessica (Maggie) (University of Illinois at Urbana). Accuracy of 18F-FDG PET Scans in Staging the Mediastinum in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Kilburg, Craig (University of Iowa). An Institutional Approach to the Maintenance of High Quality Outcomes for Carotid Endarterectomy in the Setting of Moderate to Low Procedure Volumes

Lenz, Melissa (Winona State University). Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty at Gundersen Lutheran: A Study in the Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fractures

Lin, Liyong (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Dynamic Wedge in Radiation Oncology

Maas, Kelly (University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Nursing, Western Campus). Decision Making After a Diagnosis of Impending Miscarriage

Schultz, McKenze (Iowa State University). Changes in Peak Torque Measurements of Hip Rotation at Three Different Angles: The Effects of a Six-Week ACL Prevention and Sports Enhancement Program on Hamstring to Quadriceps

Young, Patricia (Luther College, Decorah, Iowa). How Physicians Involve (Don’t Involve) Minors in Different Types of Medical Decisions
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