Institutional Review Board

Welcome to Gundersen Health System’s Human Subjects Committee (HSC) Web page. The HSC is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for all human research studies and for the use of any experimental treatments at Gundersen or involving any Gundersen employees.

The purpose of the HSC is to ensure that all research conducted or any experimental treatment used at Gundersen or by Gundersen employees meets the highest standards of research ethics and complies with all federal and state regulations and other healthcare standards.

I hope these pages provide you with the information you need as a researcher to develop and prepare your research proposal for review. Remember, you need HSC approval before you start a research project involving human subjects or before using any experimental treatment.

Bud Hammes, PhD
Chair, Human Subjects Committee

IRB Coordinator
Melinda Hadley
Telephone: (608) 775-3996

If you are unable to reach Ms. Hadley and this is an urgent matter, please call the Gundersen switchboard at (608) 782-7300 and ask that Dr. Hammes be paged.

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