Quality & Safety

Gundersen Health System is taking a proactive, vigorous approach to quality improvement, making it one of our key priorities. And the bar is high. There will be no preventable deaths, infections, pain, suffering, waiting or waste at Gundersen.

By measuring outcomes data and creating an environment in which quality improvement is part of the healthcare team’s every day work, Gundersen ensures patients receive the level of care they deserve.

In fact, Consumer Reports ranked Gundersen third highest in the nation among teaching hospitals, when evaluating hospital safety ratings in 2013. Their safety score focused on five key measures: readmissions, complications, communication, the overuse of CT scans, and infections. 

What is healthcare quality?
Quality healthcare means doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right person—and having the best possible results. Providing quality healthcare also means striking the right balance of services by:

  1. Avoiding underuse (for example, not screening a person for high blood pressure)
  2. Avoiding overuse (for example, performing tests that a patient doesn’t need)
  3. Eliminating misuse (for example, providing medications that may have dangerous interactions

We all aim to give high-quality care, but the fact is healthcare quality varies. There are many reasons for this because quality depends on many things including where you live, who you are, and how much is known about treating your condition.

How do you assess healthcare quality?
One way to assess and track quality of care is by using measures that are based on the latest scientific evidence. A healthcare measure clearly defines which healthcare services should be provided to patients who have or are at risk for certain conditions. Measures also set standards for screening, immunizations and other preventive care.

Quality reporting
Gundersen is a founding member of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ). WCHQ is a voluntary consortium of organizations who work together to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

Gundersen WCHQ as a tool to direct quality improvements both internally and externally. The health system voluntarily provides quality data for the WCHQ Web site, wchq.org.

Quality data is also available at other public reporting sites, such as:

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