Prophecy® INBONE® Total Ankle System

The Prophecy® INBONE® Total Ankle System is the first and only pre-operative navigation system designed to reduce pain and restore mobility in patients with severe ankle arthritis.

Gundersen Health System podiatric foot and ankle surgeon Thomas Roukis, DPM, PhD, FACFAS, has undergone extensive training in the latest technology called the Prophecy® Pre-Operative Navigation. With this advanced technology, CT scans are used to create ankle alignment guides that are based on each patient's specific anatomy.

Pre-operative navigation allows surgeons to adjust the alignment of the implant and correct any deformity in the office rather than the operating room. Then, the 3D guides help to precisely size, place and align the new ankle during surgery.

Compared to more traditional ankle replacement surgeries, the Prophecy® INBONE® Total Ankle System has many benefits:

  • Surgeon has a greater level of detail for implant position, alignment and sizing before the surgical procedure
  • Less time spent in the operating room
  • More bone preservation
  • Increased mobility (replacement replicates natural anatomy)
  • Improved fixation of the ankle replacement

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Roukis for the INBONE® Total Ankle System, call (608) 775-2427.

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