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 Physicians Mark Saxton  Physicians Sig Gundersen III

 Physicians Mark Saxton & Sig Gundersen III provide expert surgical care for kids.

Children have special needs that require special care close to home, which is why Gundersen Health System is proud to offer the pediatric surgery expertise of Mark Saxton, MD, FACS, a board-certified pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saxton's services are in addition to the pediatric surgery skills of Sig Gundersen, III, MD, FACS, who has been performing pediatric surgery at Gundersen for years.

Dr. Saxton specializes in minimally invasive surgery, using the laparoscope or thoracoscope to operate within the abdomen or chest of infants as small as nine pounds. In addition, he brings with him the ability to repair chest wall deformities in children and adolescents, especially pectus excavatum defects, using the same minimally invasive techniques. His theory is small scars result in big smiles from the children he works with.

Teddy Bear Care

Drs. Saxton and Gundersen provide a full range of surgical services including:

  • Prenatal consultation for newborn surgical conditions, such as abdominal wall defects.
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and treatment of acute or chronic abdominal pain or other conditions, including cholecystectomy, splenectomy or excisional biopsy of suspicious masses.
  • Hernias and hydroceles.
  • Laparoscopic pull-down of undescended testes.
  • Laparoscopic evaluation and management of children with ovarian or testicular masses or torsion.
  • Surgical oncology, including large scale resections or simple biopsy.
  • Evaluation of pediatric gastro-intestinal reflux, with laparoscopic fundoplication and G-button placement.
  • Pediatric gastro-intestinal endoscopy, for reflux evaluation, foreign body removal and esophageal stricture management.
  • Thoracoscopic biopsy of pulmonary or mediastinal masses.
  • Neonatal congenital defects, such as esophageal atresia or imperforate anus.
  • Resection of lung masses or cysts.
  • Diagnosis of pediatric bowel motility problems, including biopsy for Hirschsprung’s disease.


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