A caring heart

Mollee Whyte has a soft spot in her heart for animals and children. It's that same caring heart that makes her special in another way.

Mollee had a hole between her bottom heart chambers and a narrowing in her heart's main artery. She's had several surgeries at hospitals in Madison and Iowa City, including one in July 2007 to close the hole in her heart.

Gundersen pediatric cardiologist Susan MacLellan, MD, provides Mollee's ongoing heart care, and the two have a special connection. "Mollee has to have her fingernails painted a new color for every appointment so Dr. MacLellan can see what color they are this time," Mollee's mom, Julie, says with a smile.

She went on to say, "Mollee developed a rare complication after her surgery in July so we're in to see Dr. MacLellan pretty often. It's meant a lot to us to have her care for Mollee. She's been fantastic!"

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