E-Greetings cards are a service of Gundersen Health System that allows you to send a greeting to a friend or loved one who is currently a patient. This service is free and available for any in-patient currently at Gundersen . Just click on one of the card selections below.  Fill out the form with the patient's name, your message and your name and then click the Submit button when you are finished.

A member of our Volunteer Services department will print and hand-deliver the card you choose with your custom message.  Please make sure you include the patient's correct first and last name when you are filling out the form below so that our volunteers can ensure your e-greeting is delivered to the correct individual. We cannot forward e-mails received after a patient is discharged or if the patient has requested that his or her presence in the hospital remains confidential.



 Important Information  

  • E-mails must be sent by 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, to be delivered the same day.
  • E-mails received over the weekend will be delivered on the following Monday.
  • E-mail delivery is not available during holidays.
  • E-mail received after the intended recipient has been discharged will not be delivered.
  • Gundersen cannot guarantee delivery of an e-greeting.
  • Acceptance of an e-mail by this site does not mean that the intended recipient is now nor was previously a patient of Gundersen.
  • All undeliverable e-mails will be destroyed by Gundersen.
  • Please do not include any private patient health information in the message. Please be aware that Gundersen volunteers and Volunteer Services staff will see your message when they print and deliver it.
  • The patient e-greeting service is set up to only receive messages. Outgoing messages cannot be sent.
  • Federal and state privacy laws regarding protection of health information may prevent delivery of some e-greetings.
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