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Disc Replacement (Arthroplasty)

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems. It can interfere with routine activities, work and recreation. For most patients, their back pain improves on its own. For others, spine surgery may be the only option to relieve the pain.

Gundersen Health System is leading the way when it comes to treating debilitating back pain. Our surgeons offer artificial disc replacement surgery called disc arthroplasty which it can be used in the back (lumbar) or neck (cervical) region of your spine. 

The most common cause of severe, consistent back pain is degenerated discs in the back or neck. For years, the only surgical option was lumbar fusion or cervical fusion. This procedure eliminates motion in the vertebra and takes away function. Disc arthroplasty eases patients’ pain and restores their movement to virtually normal.

Disc arthroplasty is a good option for many patients, but it is not for everyone with neck and back pain. Each patient is evaluated by the Gundersen neurosurgery team and must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the surgery

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