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Innovations in Child Protection Award, Oklahoma Mobile Unit
Oklahoma Mobile Unit- Innovations in Child Protection Award

The Mobile Unit Facility is an interviewing facility providing a culturally sensitive and child friendly environment. It provides the State of Oklahoma with the unique ability to have a fully operational Forensic Interviewing Team on site anywhere in the state. The intent is to assist local investigators by providing a team of specially trained forensic interviewers with the ability to respond to locations reporting alleged crimes against children. This is especially important when the potential for multiple victims exists.

Benefits of the Mobile Unit Facility:

  • Reduce a child’s trauma
  • Minimal exposure of child victims to law enforcement environment
  • Ensure that children and investigators do not have to travel long distances to receive services
  • Provide prompt and ongoing services that are tailored to a child’s needs and family situation
  • Empower non‐offending parents to protect and support their children throughout the intervention process and beyond
  • Sparing law enforcement agencies with limited personnel the expense and time of escorting a child to a forensic interview
  • Provide services that are more available and more easily accessible to all underserved community members
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