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Alison Feigh

Alison Feigh

Program Manager,
Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

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Alison Feigh, MS, is the Program Manager for Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, a program of Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center. In this role, she works with students, parents, youth workers, faith leaders, law enforcement and the media to help prevent childhood abuse and abductions. Alison’s work also includes writing curriculum for youthserving organizations, training professionals about the online challenges kids face and advocating for families of the missing.

Alison has been working in the sexual abuse prevention field for more than 17 years. As a classmate of Jacob Wetterling, she learned early on how important it is to protect children and youth from exploitation. She is especially drawn to prevention in faith-based communities and youth-serving organizations, collaborating with teens regarding technology and helping empower parents to talk with their kids about personal and online safety. She firmly believes that personal and online safety messages can be positive, empowering and accessible.

As a subject matter expert on child and teen safety, Alison speaks in Minnesota and nationally. She has offered proactive prevention messages through extensive media interviews, including CNN, Fox News and local news stations. Her safety messages are highlighted in her children’s books, “On Those Runaway Days” and “I Can Play It Safe.” Both titles were released nationally in 2008 by Free Spirit Publishing and have recently been translated into Chinese.

Alison received her self-designed major in “Responding to Missing Children in the U.S.” along with a major in Communication from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. Following her graduation, she began working at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Alexandria, VA. She returned to Minnesota in 2001 to join the team at Jacob Wetterling Resource Center (JWRC). In 2010, Alison received her Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree from St. Cloud State University. Alison also worked as a youth and children’s minister at a metro area faith community for six years.


Workshops Designed for Kids and Teens

  • Empower me! K-6th grade child abuse prevention education
  • Protecting my online footprint (cyberbullying prevention included) - for grades 5-12, effective with parents and youth together
  • Bystander to up-stander: Taking on bullying behavior
  • Smart not scared: Personal safety messages for teens or preteens
  • #11forJacob – A movement for positive change
  • Self-care for teens—peer leaders and peer helpers

Workshops Designed for Parents, Caregivers, Youth Ministry, Law Enforcement and Teachers

  • Teachable safety skills: Myths and facts
  • Hope is a verb: Creating change for our children
  • Internet and cell phone safety 101
  • Community notification meetings: What do I say to the children?
  • Bystander to upstander: Taking on bullying behavior
  • Navigating the virtual playground: Healthy choices and worrisome pitfalls for today’s youth
  • Building empathy: The power of connected children in a disconnected age
  • Under a watchful eye: Child abuse prevention in youth-serving organizations
  • #11forJacob – A movement for positive change
  • Teachable safety skills for community and children’s theaters
  • Sexual abuse prevention strategies for communities of faith
  • Volunteer screening, reporting suspected abuse
  • Mandated Reporting in MN: What you need to know

Workshops Designed for Journalism & Criminal Justice Students, Journalists, and Sexual Assault Advocates

  • Reporting without re-victimizing
  • Minnesota missing children cases: Learning from our past
  • Internet and cell safety for professionals
  • Community notification meetings: What do I say to the children?
  • Child abduction: Patterns, profiles and prevention
  • Not forgotten: Missing children and adults
  • Forensic aspects of online and social media usage among children: Implications for child welfare, criminal justice, legal and mental health professionals (full-day training)
  • Recovery of the missing . . .Not the last chapter
  • Vicarious trauma and self-care strategies
  • Teachable safety skills for professionals
  • Mandated Reporting in Minnesota: What you need to know

Workshops Designed for Faith-Based Communities

  • Sexual abuse prevention strategies for communities of faith
  • Volunteer screening, reporting suspected abuse
  • Clergy/therapist collaborations
  • Help for the helper: Understanding and responding to vicarious trauma
  • Implementing personal safety training in faith based institutions
  • Cyber-Challenges: Policies, planning and prevention - Online safety for communities of faith

Additional Presentations Offered

  • Working with families facing trauma—for advocates and first responders
  • Self-care for teens—peer leaders and peer helpers
  • Smart not scared—personal safety messages for teens and college students
  • Teachable safety skills for community and children’s theaters
  • Clergy/therapist collaborations
  • Teachable Safety Skills for Medical Professionals
  • Teachable Safety Skills for Dental Hygienists



Gundersen NCPTC training testimonials

“Alison was dynamic, on-topic, concise, non-judgmental, inclusive and engaging.” —Junior High Parent

“Phenomenal speaker and trainer; wonderful trainer – could have listened to her for hours.” —Professional

“I think kids can relate to you and are hearing this important information in a different, relatable way.” —Junior high school teacher

“Interactive, great information, hands-down favorite, interesting, engaging and passionate.” —Professional

“She was a really good speaker and made it more enjoyable by injecting humor to the subject.” —10th grader


I Can Play It Safe

I Can Play It Safe

–by Alison Feigh

Hardcover, illustrated $15.00 + 4.00 S&H

Here’s help for all adults who want to talk to young children about personal safety. Written by an expert in child safety, this full-color picture book teaches kids (and helps adults reinforce) seven important rules to personal safety in a nonthreatening way. It covers topics like safe versus harmful secrets, safe versus harmful touches, and the importance of having a community of trusted adults to turn to for help. Emphasizing the “check-in” rule and teaching kids to trust their gut instincts, this book gives children the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart choices about their personal safety every day.

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On Those Runaway Days

On Those Runaway Days

–by Alison Feigh

Hardcover, illustrated $15.00 + 4.00 S&H

When children feel overwhelmed, angry, or unsafe at home or in school, they may see running away as a solution to their worries instead of what it really is—a dangerous way to avoid working out a problem. Written by an expert in child safety, this book provides kids with an important set of coping strategies to use on those “runaway days.” Strategies include deep breathing, listening to gut instincts, seeking out and talking to trusted adults, and remembering they are loved—all of which will help them handle high-stress situations throughout life.

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