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Robert Hugh Farley

Robert Hugh Farley

International Child Exploitation Consultant,

Travels from Illinois



Robert Hugh Farley is a thirty-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department in Chicago, Ill. As a highly decorated detective and Deputy United States Marshal he has had over twenty-eight years of experience investigating and supervising all aspects of child abuse crimes from sexual abuse to child homicide. He has been qualified as an expert witness on child abuse and child exploitation both in federal and state courts. As an internationally recognized expert, consultant, author and instructor in child abuse investigative techniques, Robert has trained tens of thousands of police officers, federal agents, judges, attorneys, medical personnel, CPS investigators, therapists and other professionals in all fifty of the United States and in twenty-two different countries around the world for Interpol.

In 1997, Robert created the Cook County Sheriff’s Police, Child Exploitation Unit. His concept was to establish a specialized unit within the police department that would combat online Internet solicitation and the sexual abuse of children “while undercover.” At that time no other police agency in the United States or the world had a full time police unit working this specific type of crime. Under his command and until his retirement in 2003 the Child Exploitation Unit, which became an international law enforcement model, boasted a 100 percent court conviction rate.

Robert has conducted training seminars in the United States for a variety of agencies including the FBI, the United States Attorney's Office, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the United States Department of Defense and the Dallas Annual CAC Conference. As the result of Robert’s unique training curriculum, the numerous investigative techniques and protocols that he developed have been implemented by thousands of police departments, federal agencies, child protective service agencies, child advocacy centers and prosecutors throughout the world.


Any of the seminar topics can be utilized as a key note address. Based on the needs of your agency, each seminar can also be customized to address your specific requirements or issues.

Physical Child Abuse Injury Reconstruction Techniques (3 hours to One Day)

Robert Hugh Farley MS presents an intensive training seminar that will focus on non-accidental injuries inflicted on children. The seminar will emphasize the specific techniques that may be used by the investigator in the assessment, investigation and reconstruction of cases involving soft tissue injuries such as bruises, lacerations and burns. In addition, the various weapons utilized by the offender in child abuse situations will also be identified and discussed. The seminar will also address the circumstances and evaluation of deprived and neglected children. Lastly, the curriculum offers case illustrations that encourage hands on participation by the student.

Investigating Technology Facilitated Crimes against Children (3 hours)

Robert Hugh Farley MS presents an intensive one – day training seminar that illustrates the growing problem of child molesters that target children via the Internet and cell phones. The seminar will identify and then discuss the methodologies and seduction techniques employed by the child molester in the various social networking sites, chat rooms and on the World Wide Web. Additionally, the seminar examines the topics of child erotica, child pornography, and their use by the child molester. Lastly, the seminar presents interview and interrogation techniques that can be used specifically in child exploitation investigations involving the online predator or the preferential child molester.

Emerging Trends in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations: Multi-Disciplinary “Team” Child Abuse Investigative Techniques (3 hours to One Day)

Robert Hugh Farley MS presents an innovative, training seminar that addresses the investigation of child sexual abuse and looks at the “compliant victim.” The seminar explores the strategic planning that is required in conducting a step-by-step and comprehensive investigation of the circumstances in suspected child sexual abuse cases along with accountability issues pertaining to the caretaker and other family members. The seminar also examines the identification of potential corroborating witnesses, the joint collection of essential facts and the recognition and recovery of different types of specific corroborating evidence all of which often narrow the focus of the investigation to a specific suspect, while at the same, time anticipating a possible defense. Lastly, the seminar identifies the roles and responsibilities of all of the members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) while stressing the importance of information sharing during an investigation.

Undercover as a Pedophile: Six Years in Their Shoes (90 minutes)

The term child molester is fairly common and is frequently used by the public. Robert Hugh Farley MS, who worked undercover as a pedophile for six years, in a federal strike force, in a three state area, presents an eye opening seminar that explores the distorted world, the rationalizations and the behavioral dynamics of those individuals who sexually abuse children. The seminar will identify and then discuss the methodologies and seduction techniques employed by the pedophile, the situational child molester, the preferential child molester and the technology facilitated child sexual predator. Lastly, the seminar examines the topics of child erotica, child pornography, trophies and their use by the child molester.

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse and the Technology Facilitated “Compliant Victim” (90 minutes)

Children and teens have changed their way of thinking about personal issues and about communication. As a result, some victims of child sexual abuse have been referred to as “compliant victims.” Robert Hugh Farley MS addresses the investigation of child sexual abuse and looks at the role of technology and the “compliant victim.” Methodologies and grooming techniques employed by the child molester in social media, cell phones and on the Internet. In addition, prosecution issues for this type of victimization will be addressed.

Freehand Drawings: A Clarification Technique for Child Abuse Investigations (90 minutes)

Utilizing sensitive and poignant vignettes, Robert Hugh Farley MS presents visual illustrations of sexual abuse and violent behavior not only received, but also witnessed by children and young people. Freehand drawings can provide victims of child maltreatment with a canvas to project and describe their experiences, providing valuable information for investigators and treatment providers.

Critical Conversations for Child Maltreatment: Interviewing the Suspect, the Caretaker and the Victim (3 hours to One day)

This intensive training seminar will provide the student with the techniques for identifying, interviewing, interrogating and convicting child sexual abuse and child physical abuse offenders. Utilizing lecture, class discussion and role playing, Robert Hugh Farley MS will supply the student with the necessary tools and skills to develop an initial strategy to “get the suspect to talk.” Following that, proper theme development and appropriate delivery by the interviewer will move a guilty suspect past the stages of lies and deception in order to provide a complete, full admission and finally a confession.

In physical abuse cases an exhaustive theme will enlist the caretaker’s assistance in explaining the “accident.” For sexual abuse cases the FBI Behavioral Science Unit Child Molester Profile can be utilized to identify the potential deceitful and truthful characteristics of the situational child molester or a preferential child molester. The seminar will also examine potential corroborating evidence for the interrogation such as the molester collection of child erotica, child pornography and trophies. Lastly the seminar will demonstrate how one can narrow the focus of the investigation to a specific suspect while anticipating a possible defense.


Gundersen NCPTC training testimonials

"The training was extremely applicable to the job I do. I left with a lot of tools in my toolbox" —(Investigator)

"Bob is a great presenter – lots of good info we will be able to use on investigations" —(Law Enforcement)

"Mr. Farley was very energetic, informative, and wonderful in how he presented real life. Good job on presenting how predators block, manipulate, and engage victims on the internet" —(Victims Advocate)

"This was a well prepared training of/from a trainer well versed in the topic. Excellent presentation" —(Social Worker)

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