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Nicki Tait

Nicki Tait

Trainer, Issues of social justice with a trauma informed framework

Travels from Minnesota


Nicki is a trainer on issues of social justice with a trauma informed framework and has over 16 years of experience in social services, public health, and schools in Minnesota, Colorado, and Alaska. Nicki has worked in rural and urban communities and with a variety of different populations having various lived experiences. They received a bachelor’s degree in social work from Colorado State University, and a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

“My goal is to create interactive and relevant trainings that combine theoretical perspectives with current events. I am a highly individualized trainer that strives to create environments in which participants are able to be self-reflective and challenged to create meaningful change.”

Nicki joined the Gundersen NCPTC Speakers Bureau in 2017.


Transgender Inclusivity

From children to adults, this can be a conversation on how to show up in support of trans folks and children. Through activities, multimedia, and conversations, we break down gender roles that are assigned in the U.S, talk about what it means to be trans, discuss ways to be more inclusive, and accept what we don’t know or understand. We don’t need to know everything but we do need to challenge the messages we’ve received about gender and have critical analysis. We need to do less harm.

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