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Webcast Schedule

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center offer free, community-focused webcasts. Webcasts are posted for one week and available whenever your schedule allows.

JWRC on-demand webinars


Age of Consent

Presenter: Jane Straub, Victim Assistance Specialist, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center


Jane Straub

Teaching consent is more than talking about sex. From "just say no" to "affirmative consent" we've begun the conversation but have left out the youngest population. Young children can learn about giving and receiving permission to touch, hug or kiss another person and permission to use or play with another's toys. They can start to understand they have control of their own body. We can teach them about body boundaries. Teaching and responding to "no", "stop" or "take a break" are simple concepts for children to understand. Knowing medically/anatomically correct body parts is imperative in child abuse investigations. Having a child who also understands consent, they have the right to say "no" to touches, they can tell a trusted adult if someone breaks a safety rule is one step toward prevention. As children grow, lessons evolve to incorporate consent for sexual activity. Understanding the need to give and receive permission is crucial in preventing sexual violence. Children deserve to be empowered with knowledge, language and actions.



Emerging Issues in the Field of Forensic Interviewing

Presenter: Rita Farrell, Forensic Interview Specialist, Gundersen NCPTC


Rita Farrell

In this presentation, the research for utilizing anatomical diagrams will be discussed. The participants will learn how to properly utilize the anatomical diagrams and the issues relating to the research and how it applies/not applies to real life forensic interview. In addition, other emerging issues in the field of forensic interviewing will be presented including; peer review and narrative practice.



Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: One Interviewer's Experience with Healing, Self-care, and Longevity in the Child Abuse Field

Presenter: Stephanie Randolph, Victim Assistance Specialist, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center


Stephanie Randolph

This presentation will give an overview of what compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma is and then discuss real solutions for combating them. The trainer with discuss her experiences dealing with compassion fatigue and how she overcame the negative emotions and behaviors that came with it. The presentation will offer some practical techniques for getting healthy and staying healthy. Participants will leave with multiple tools they can adapt and use in their workplace and life.


Webinar FAQ

Webinars? Webcasts? What's the difference?

Webinars are more advanced topics, generally for attendees that want to expand their professional development. For each webinar, attendees receive materials about the presentation and a certificate of completion. A member of our staff will be available for a live question and answer session after the presentation. Webcasts are free, but unlike webinars, do not include educational credits or the chance to talk directly with the presenter. Webcasts are more general topics.

When are these trainings?

Webinars and webcasts are offered monthly. Please see the main webinar page for more information.

How long are they?

Each webinar will be approximately one to two hours long. Community Focused Webcasts are about 30 minutes in length.

What do they cost?

Webinars and webcasts are free!

How do I register?

Registration is required at least 24 hours prior to the webinar. Upon registration, webinar instructions and log-in information will be provided via email, one week in advance and the day prior to webinar training. For grant and accreditation purposes, we ask that each webinar attendee register separately and sign into the webinar under their own name.

Are credits available?

Because of the varied geographical areas of participants, Gundersen NCPTC does not provide continuing education credits for its webinars. Participants are encouraged to apply for the appropriate credits through their state's government agency. Please contact Suzanne Severson, program coordinator, with questions or for documentation required for your application.

Questions about our webcasts? Contact or (651) 714-4673.

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