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This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You: In Words and Pictures, Children Share How Spanking Hurts and What To Do Instead

–by Nadine A. Block, contributor Madeleine Y. Gomez

Hardcover, illustrated $17.95

This eye-opening book is written and illustrated by those most affected by spanking — children. Their words and drawings show that spanking doesn't result in the behaviors parents and teachers desire. Instead, it sows seeds of pain, despair, anger, humiliation, confusion, anger — and the continuation of a cycle of violence. The children also share what disciplinary tactics are effective. Parents and child-care professionals may be shocked to find that reasoned discussions, loss of privileges, "timeouts," and the opportunity to atone for misbehaviors work better than spanking.

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Breaking the Paddle

Breaking the Paddle: Ending School Corporal Punishment

–by Nadine A. Block

Hardcover, illustrated $15.99

"Bend over and take your whacks," is heard each day by over l,000 school children in the United States. Almost half of US states permit educators to hit children with contoured boards called "paddles" for breaking school rules. Sometimes children are hit without parent permission and sometimes against parents' wishes. Paddling can lead to injuries requiring medical treatment including bleeding, bruises and even broken bones. Over l00 countries have banned school corporal punishment. In Breaking the Paddle: Ending School Corporal Punishment, Nadine Block sheds light on this dark side of American education and refutes arguments used to support its use. Block tells parents how to protect their children from this archaic discipline and gives specific recommendations for how to end it for all US school children. This important book should be read by parents, educators, physicians, mental health professionals, child abuse prevention professionals, school board members, legislators, and all persons who promote the optimum development of children and seek to protect their right to be free from physical harm.

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All proceeds from the books go to the Center for Effective Discipline.

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