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Technology is changing medicine, the way healthcare is delivered and how information is shared. To help you keep pace with the ever-changing world of healthcare, we have changed, too.

Gundersen Health System offers MedLink News, a newsletter sent six times a year for healthcare providers in the Tri-state service area. We invite you to sign up to receive this information newsletter via email or in print form.

If you are part of the Gundersen Health System (you have a e-mail address), you'll receive MedLink News automatically. If you work outside Gundersen Health System, sign up online for MedLink News.

MedLink News keeps you linked to the latest news

This newsletter will deliver information quicker and more concisely on topics such as:

  • Outreach and telemedicine services for your patients
  • Educational programs, seminars and conference that might be important to you
  • Healthcare initiatives aimed at rural populations
  • Services, programs, procedures and technology that will benefit you and your patients
  • New specialists and physicians with specialized training
  • New research, best practices, clinical trials and more to help you in your practice

Please take a minute now to sign-up for MedLink News. Note that when you request MedLink News, the information you provide on your request form will be used only for MedLink communications. You can opt out at any time.

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