Program Summary

Clinical residents will be expected to work 40-50 hours per week.

1. Clinical Services (Patient care) 50%
(Gundersen Sports Medicine)

  • Limited patient load
  • Work with credentialed and experienced physical therapists for mentoring in evaluation and rehabilitation of sports and orthopedic injuries
  • Biomechanical Analysis
    • Gait
    • Throwing
    • Golf
    • Cycling

2. Teaching/Didactic Classroom 15%
(University of Wisconsin – La Crosse)

  • Academic Staff/Laboratory Assistant
  • Responsibility for selected class lectures
  • Attendance in musculoskeletal curriculum

    Fall Semester: Lower extremity course / Spring Semester: Upper extremity course

    The resident functions as a lab assistant in the musculoskeletal curriculum in the UW-La Crosse Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The resident will attend all class sessions and assist in lab instruction for evaluation procedures to the upper/lower extremities and sports specific topics. The resident and course instructor, Paul Reuteman, PT, OCS, ATC, will also select three lectures that the resident will be required to present to the students.

    3. Clinical Sciences (Athletic Training experiences) 5-8%

    • Game/Event coverage (variety of sports)
    • Athletic training room observation and experiences
    • Visitation to high schools for screening

    4. Medical Sciences 2-5%

    • MD/PAC clinical observation
    • Walk-in acute sports injury clinic
    • Observation of surgery
    • General medical conferences through GLMC

    5. Research 10-15%

    • Clinical research project: Develop and approve proposal, perform data collection and analysis, discussion, abstract submission
    • Presentations to Gundersen Sports Medicine 
    • Presentations to SPTS Team Concept or APTA Combined Sections Meeting

    6. Education 10-15%
    Attend and participate in:

    • In-services
    • Journal Club
    • Sports/orthopedic presentations
    • Coaches clinics
    • Professional continuing education programs
    • Strength and conditioning program
    • Community education programs
    • Develop an anthology of articles
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