Application & Selection Process

A centralized application system (RF-PTCAS) is required for applicants to apply to our program. Additionally, we require applicants to complete a brief online application specific to our program.

Applicant qualifications

  • Graduation from an accredited physical therapy program
  • Possession or application for Wisconsin State Physical Therapy license (candidates from entry-level physical therapy programs may apply for a temporary licensure to allow you to practice under the supervision of a licensed PT while you await the passing of the board examination)
  • Completion of "Emergency Response" course offered through the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the APTA prior to beginning the program (requirement may be waved with evidence of possession of other emergency response credentials; ATC, EMT, etc)

Selection of applicants
A committee composed of the residency director, medical and administrative directors, and residency faculty will determine overall selection. Applications will be accepted until December 15, 2015 (please note change from previous years). Selected candidates are required to do an on-site interview. Gundersen Health System will cover the cost of one nights lodging and meals during their interviews and the night before. As part of the interview process, candidates will meet with the residency faculty, as well as provide a 15-minute presentation on a research topic that they may wish to explore during the completion of the program. There will also be a specific 15-minute session devoted to a discussion of a specific patient case example to provide the faculty with some insight as to the candidates thought processes and background knowledge in managing this patient scenario. Our admission decision date is March1, 2016, and the proposed start date is June 27, 2016.

The format for presentation may include but is not limited to:

  1. Identification of topic area
  2. Why you are interested in this topic
  3. Brief literature review
  4. How would you accomplish this project; possible methodology

Compensation/funding for clinical residency will be provided through Gundersen Health System and Gundersen Medical Foundation.

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