Resident Clinic

On most rotations, our residents have continuity clinic a half day per week at the resident clinic at Gundersen Health System, La Crosse. They also do a 4-week block of afternoon half day clinic sessions. When residents are on busy inpatient services, they do no clinic or half day every other week. While priority is given to autonomy, you are given the opportunity to be taught exceptional clinical medicine by experienced faculty. During your three-year experience you will also learn clinic operation, including billing, insurance and appropriate patient referral. Special emphasis is placed on evidence-based clinical medicine.

Your clinic consists of patients you have cared for in the hospital on general medicine and subspecialty rotations who then become your primary patients, as well as patients you have seen in the Urgent Care, personal referrals and other patients looking for an internal medicine physician. In this way you obtain an excellent patient mix of common, rare, and severe medical problems, along with patients with varying ages and socioeconomic status.

"Continuity clinic provides residents with an invaluable opportunity to take ownership of the primary care of a group of patients and to walk with and guide them in their experience with the health care system. The patients truly identify you as their physician, which is a unique privilege and responsibility." Mary Bassing, MD, former Internal Medicine Resident, went on to a fellowship in Geriatrics at the University of Wisconsin.

To enhance and enrich your experience, we have assembled a top-notch team of support staff, consisting of registered nurses, medical assistants and patient liaisons. They are ready and willing to help with procedures, fielding calls from your patients, handling prescription refills and addressing patient scheduling.

There is full primary care dermatology equipment available for cryotherapy, excisions, shave and punch biopsies. Joint aspiration and I&D equipment are also available.

A typical first year resident will see one new patient and two follow-up patients in an afternoon. As your training progresses, your volume will increase to accurately reflect your future practice. You have the ability to schedule patients outside of your scheduled clinic if needed as well. You do not have clinic during your months of ICU, Night Float and post-call on General Medicine inpatient service.

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