What Partners Think

Community. That's what you will hear if you ask about life as a partner of a Gundersen Health System Resident. There are male and female partners, with and without children, that work full-time, part-time or stay at home with their children.

There are several "mixers" at the beginning and throughout the year to let everyone meet and greet, and scheduled events at least monthly (and sometimes weekly) for stay-at-home parents.

Parents go in groups with their children to the playgrounds in Resident Housing, to parks, swimming pools, The Children's Museum of La Crosse, or to shows at The La Crosse Center.

Partners are also invited to participate in all the resident city sports leagues and outdoor sports activities. There are sand volleyball games in Resident Housing that are open to all. Partners are encouraged to come to other activities, including Internal Medicine Journal Club (at nice restaurants in the area) so they can get better acquainted.

The ability for residents to take call from home most months maximizes quality family time. You can't put a price tag on eating dinner and spending quality time with your family, "tucking in" your kids at night, sleeping in your own bed, or showering and changing clothes at home . . . all while on call. It would be hard to imagine a residency with a higher value on family and marriage relationships.
"My husband and I are extremely thankful to experience the journey through residency at Gundersen. From the moment we arrived in La Crosse, our family has been overwhelmed with love, support, and encouragement from the Gundersen medical family. At Gundersen, not only is my husband surrounded by phenomenal and respectable mentors, but I am surrounded by fellow staff and resident wives who mentor and walk beside me through every step of this journey. We will always treasure our time in La Crosse!"
Christine Van Osdol, wife of General Surgery Resident
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