Life Outside the Hospital

The La Crosse Area abounds with outdoor and indoor recreational activities.The La Crosse Area is full of outdoor and indoor recreational activities. It would be difficult to find a residency program in such a beautiful area with so many things to do.

La Crosse is located along the majestic Mississippi River and nestled alongside beautiful bluffs and rolling hills in West Central Wisconsin.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, midway between Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul, has a surprising number of cultural, recreational and economic opportunities for a metropolitan area with a population of 100,000. The La Crosse area is one the of premier areas in the nation for outdoor activities. We invite you to explore the richness of our area and the unusual and unique opportunity to have "A Great Life Outside the Hospital" when you do your residency at Gundersen Health System.

"For better or worse, the years we spend training as doctors are demanding and come right in the prime of life.  With a young family and plenty of energy for outside interests, I wanted to pick a residency where I could be making memories of more than just the patients I was treating.  With all that La Crosse offers, my colleagues and I can be biking in the bluffs, canoeing on the river, or skiing down the mountain within 20 minutes of walking out of the hospital.  Living across the street from where we work minimizes the time away and the resident housing makes building friendships easy and provides a fantastic support structure for our significant others and families.  Those friendships have been an amazing part of our experience here and although we work hard and play hard, perhaps the toughest part of residency is yet to come-saying goodbye when we all go our separate ways."  Marcus Crosby, MD, Chief resident, 2012-2013

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