Resident Housing

Resident/fellow housing is located just a short walk away from the medical center and offers a high level of community between residents.

There are 50 townhomes located on the immediate medical center grounds reserved for residents/fellows. This encourages strong relationships between residents/fellows in and out of the medical center. Camaraderie created by living in a community with a mixture of residents/fellows creates a bond and respect that translates into superior patient care.

These townhomes rent for $675 per month. All utility bills, including heat, electricity, water, local telephone service, and basic cable with high speed internet are paid for by the medical center. The townhomes can be totally furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. Each townhome has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry area with individual washers and dryers located on the main level, and two bedrooms, bathroom and study/den upstairs. All are individually heated and air conditioned. Garden space is available and plug-ins for car heaters are provided. No pets are allowed in the housing complex.
The housing is about two blocks away from a boat landing where you can go boating and/or fishing. Across the street is a full outdoor basketball court, city league softball field, and an indoor ice skating rink. In the lawn area between the circle of townhomes there is a sand volleyball court, playground equipment for children, and a pavilion. There is also a walking trail that winds behind the complex, right along back waters of the Mississippi Rive for relaxing walks.

Although available, we realize that people may choose to live off campus for a variety of reasons, including family size, pets, and the desire to own a home. Listed below is a very good web site that outlines some of the options in the La Crosse area.

HomeSeller - La Crosse area real estate options.

"One of my favorite things about Gundersen is the housing. The money I saved living here let me pay off my car years early, although ironically now I'm not even sure I need it since I just walk to work. The houses are decent size, well kept up, and my family of 6 has been surprisingly comfortable. The best part is the community. The kids and spouses are always together. Those friendships will be the hardest part to walk away from when the training is done." - Marcus Crosby, MD, former Internal Medicine Chief Resident

"The resident housing is phenomenal. Its prime location right behind the hospital is very convenient. The homes themselves are extremely nice as well, and it all comes at an incredible price! I also really appreciated how it placed all of the residents near each other because it really helped facilitate meeting people and organizing social events. The housing is a major perk to this residency program and should not be overlooked!" - Travis Lauder, MD, Transitional Year Resident

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