Research Training

Our program offers training in clinical and basic science research. This rotation is mandatory, flexible and can be taken at the beginning, middle or the end of the 3-year training period. The minimum and maximum times allowed are 6 and 18 months respectively.

Clinical research includes training in design, implementation and conduct of prospective or retrospective studies and clinical trials. On average, we have more than 120 adult and pediatric hematology-oncology clinical trials originating from national and regional cancer cooperative groups, pharmaceutical industry, as well as investigators from our own institution.

Basic science research is conducted at the La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium facility under the mentorship of Dr. Carl Simon Shelley.

Clinical Research Support Staff

  • Research nurses (2)
  • Advanced research associates (4)
  • Research associates (2)
  • Statisticians (2)

Research Cooperative Group Affiliations

Shelley Lab
The pathogenesis of a host of diseases and pathologic states is driven by abnormal cellular adhesion. These conditions include cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, leukemia and immunodeficiency diseases such as AIDS, and the ischemic reperfusion injury that occurs in frost bite, organ transplant, limb reattachment and after a heart attack or stroke. The research undertaken by Dr. Shelley's program is aimed at determining the basic molecular mechanisms that control pathologic cell adhesion such that new therapeutic targets can be developed.

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