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Many species of ticks can transmit diseases to people and animals. Ticks transmit many possible infections. Both the type of ticks and the diseases that they can carry vary in frequency across North America. For instance, Lyme disease is hyperendemic in the northeast and in the upper Midwest. Knowing how to identify ticks in your area can help prevent tickborne illnesses. The Tick Identification Card™ provides information about deer ticks and shows the difference between deer, wood and lone star ticks.

We have updated our Tick Identification Cards as of March 2015, so we now sell a Northern, Southern, and Western Tick Identification Card as shown. 

Due to the large number of requests we get for these cards, there is a charge.

Quantity  Price* 
50 $2.50
100 $5
500 $25
1,000 $50
1,001-4,999 $.05 ea.
5,000+ $.04 ea.

* There will also be a shipping and handling charge to cover our expenses.

Submit an order online. Once we receive this form, we will be in touch to get payment details.

For more information about the Tick Identification Card™, contact Denise Albrecht at (608) 775-9080 or dlalbrec@gundersenhealth.org.

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