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minutes in motion

Minutes in Motion 2017

Free 6-week physical activity challenge

March 20 – April 30, 2017

The winner of the $200 gift card for being one of the first 2000 to register for Minutes in Motion is Diane Nickelatti from Travel Leaders, La Crosse, WI. We are so glad you joined us this year. Congratulations Diane!

Anyone, any age or fitness level, can join Minutes in Motion.

  • As an individual: Register and challenge yourself. Be active in your own way.
  • Friends and family: Be part of a "Community Team". You're doing this challenge together to support one another. Determine a team captain and get everyone registered.
  • At work: Form a team with your co-workers. Register as a "Worksite Team" and compete against each other in smaller teams or participate as one large team. Determine a team captain and get everyone registered.
  • At school: Teachers, get your classroom(s) moving. Join us for this fun challenge by registering as a "Classroom Team."

Win prizes!

$500 grand prize*

Besides the payoff of better health, there's a chance to win great prizes. When you join and report your minutes by the end of the challenge, at least 1,260 total minutes, your name will be entered in a drawing to win one of many great prizes* including:

  • $500 grand prize sponsored by Ho-Chunk Nation
  • 10 classrooms will win $100 gift cards
  • Two lucky team captains win 100 gift cards - one from a community team and one from a business team
  • More $50 and $25 prizes random winners

You must have at least 1,260 minutes over the six weeks of the challenge to qualify for prizes.

*Prizes are reported as taxable income.

Why should I join?

Minutes in Motion is a fun way to get moving this spring. Improve your health and your attitude by getting 30 minutes of activity a day or 210 minutes a week.

  • If you have not been active lately, start with as little as 5-10 minutes, three times a day and add a few more minutes each week.
  • If you are getting 30 minutes of activity already, you can always try to do more. Try adding strength training or a new class to your routine.
  • If you're always active, try something new or step it up! Share what you know with others and help them be successful.

For more information, call Gundersen Community & Preventive Care Services at (608) 775-4717 or email