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Published on April 11, 2017


How much caffeine is in your favorite drink?

Check out this list to see how much caffeine you actually consume throughout the day.

According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, moderate consumption of caffeine – up to 400 mg per day – can be incorporated into a healthy eating plan. That’s about the amount in 3 - 5 cups of coffee (8-oz each). This amount of caffeine has not been linked to an increased risk of disease or early death, but if you don’t already consume caffeine, you’re not encouraged to start.

Caffeine is widely used in beverages and food but amounts are not listed on nutrition labels. This list shows how much caffeine some of your favorite beverages contain, listed from highest to lowest amounts.

BeverageSize (fl oz)Caffeine (mg)Caffeine Concentration (mg/oz)Sugar Content (g)
5 Hour Energy® 1.9oz 215 113.2 0
Starbucks® Brewed Coffee 8oz 165 20.6 0
Generic Brewed Coffee (average) 8oz 100 12.5 0
Starbucks® Regular Frappuccino 16oz 100 6.25 64
Monster Energy Drink® 8oz 92 11.5 27
Yerba Mate Tea Brewed (average) 8oz 85 10.6 0
Red Bull® Energy Drink 8.4oz 80 9.5 27
Espresso (average) 1oz 55 55 0
Mountain Dew 12oz 50 4.2 46
Black Tea (average) 8oz 45 5.6 0
Green Tea (average) 8oz 30 3.75 0
Coca-Cola® Classic 12oz 30 2.5 39
Sprite® 12oz 0 0 39
Diet Coke® 12oz 42 - 0
Coke Zero® 12oz 32 2.5 0

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