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Published on February 01, 2017

February is American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness of its effects, Gundersen Health System participates in American Heart Month. We also encourage everyone to be heart smart—talk with your healthcare team about your risk for heart disease and how to practice heart healthy living habits all year 'round.

Start by making healthy changes to lower your risk of heart disease, such as:

  • Manage your weight
  • Don't smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
  • Know your numbers—cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar—and work with your doctor to keep them in check
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation
  • Get active
  • Eat healthy

Test your heart smart IQ

We offer you four quick quizzes that let you test your knowledge of topics important to your heart health including:

  • Healthy Eating – Wonder if you're eating healthy? Take this 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of nutrition.
  • Heart Attack – Would you recognize a heart attack? The warning signs may save a life, but only if you know them. Take this six-question quiz and find out.
  • Heart Healthy Activity – How much physical activity is enough? Can you prevent heart disease by being physically active? Find out with this five-question quiz.
  • Heart Disease – Test your knowledge of heart disease with these six quick questions. Knowing how to prevent or manage heart disease can help save your life or the life of someone you love.

You can take each quiz as often as you like. Challenge your family, friends or co-worker to match your score!

Learn more about heart health

When it comes to your heart's health, knowledge is power. The more you know about your risk factors, the more power you have to take steps to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Here are three more easy things you can do:

And if you need help getting heart healthy, turn to Gundersen where we've been healing hearts for more than 50 years.

Love + Medicine

Every day, Gundersen Health System staff deliver great medicine plus a little something extra—we call it Love + Medicine.

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