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Published on April 11, 2017

vegetables and fruit

5 reasons to join a CSA

If you enjoy healthy farm-to-table produce, here's why you'll want to sign up for a farm share now.

When you join a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, you purchase a crop share from a local farm before the growing season begins. Then you get a selection of just-harvested crops, usually weekly or bi-weekly throughout the season, fresh from the farm. Many farms practice organic or naturally sustainable farming practices, using few or no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Thinking about joining a CSA? Here are 5 great reasons to do so:

  1. You get fresh, healthy food. When you get your food from a local farm, you can enjoy vegetables and fruits at the peak of flavor because they're in your hands usually within hours of being picked.
  2. You'll try new foods. One fun thing about joining a CSA is that you don't know what you're going to get each week. You'll likely get veggies you've never thought to try before or have never even seen. You'll also get to experiment with new recipes to use the produce you take home.
  3. It's cost effective. If you're committed to eating healthy, most CSAs provide you with an abundance of produce for far less than it would cost you to buy it in the store. This is especially true if your CSA practices organic farming (which many do) and you would otherwise purchase organic produce elsewhere.
  4. It gets kids involved. Want your kids to eat more fruits and veggies? Join a CSA! Many require or encourage volunteer hours where you work alongside the farmers. Bringing the kids to the farm to see where their food comes from (and letting them pick it themselves) makes them more likely to eat the healthy rewards of the harvest.
  5. You're supporting local farmers. Many CSA's are run by small family farms, and by joining a CSA you help keep the farm financially secure. Since you commit to paying for your share up front, the farmer can allocate resources more efficiently and isn't as affected by weather conditions or a poor crop.

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