Team Registration and Information

Registration for the 2013 Gundersen Cup is now closed. The deadline for registration was Monday, May 6, 2013.

Click here to download the Registration Form for the 2013 Gundersen Cup.

U5-U8 teams will play under the Friday Night Lights.

U9 and older teams will play in a tournament format with championship games.

U9 and older co-ed teams will be placed in the appropriate boys age division.

Adult teams will play small-sided 5 v 5 games.

Rosters are required for all teams. You can submit a copy of your team's official roster with your registration, or download a 2013 Gundersen Cup roster form by clicking here.

The age divisions, roster size and entry fees for the 2013 Gundersen Cup are as follows:
Age Division   Roster Size   Entry Fee 
 U5-U6 (Co-Ed)  8-10       $55
 U7-U8 (Co-Ed)  8-10  $80
 Boys U9, U10  10-12  $165
 Boys U11, U12  14-16  $190
 Boys U13, U14  18-22  $215
 Boys U15-U18     do not have this age division  
 Girls U9, U10  10-12  $165
 Girls U11, U12  14-16  $190
 Girls U13, U14  18-22  $215
 Girls U15-U18 do not have this age division  
 Adult - Open  Small-sided 5v5: 10  $170
 Adult - Over 35  Small-sided 5v5: 10  $170

Age Eligibility for each age division is determined by the US Soccer and US Youth Soccer Guidelines, as follows:
Age Division
(Born Between)
 U5  8-1-07 & 7-31-08
 U6  8-1-06 & 7-31-07
 U7  8-1-05 & 7-31-06
 U8  8-1-04 & 7-31-05
 U9  8-1-03 & 7-31-04
 U10  8-1-02 & 7-31-03
 U11  8-1-01 & 7-31-02
 U12  8-1-00 & 7-31-01
 U13  8-1-99 & 7-31-00
 U14  8-1-98 & 7-31-99

You may also pre-order 2013 Gundersen Cup t-shirts using the registration form. Please indicate the size needed for each player. T-shirts are $8-youth, $10-adult (S-XL) and $12-adult (XXL).

The total amount (entry fee and t-shirts) may be paid via check (please make check payable to Gundersen Medical Foundation, write "Gundersen Cup" in the memo) or via credit card (Master Card, Visa or Discover accepted).

Please send your completed registration form, roster and entry fee to:
Gundersen Medical Foundation
Attn: Gundersen Cup Registration, C03-006
1836 South Ave.
La Crosse, WI 54601
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