One World Futbol

Thank you for your support of the One World Futbol Project!

One World Futbol is the organization that produces the world's most durable soccer and general recreation sports ball! These balls are revolutionary in that they cannot pop or deflate, even when punctured by glass, barbed wire, or other sharp objects, and they never need a pump. Click here to read more about this innovative soccer ball design!

During the 2011 and 2012 Gundersen Cup soccer events, 19 soccer balls were purchased using the "Give One Get One" offer from One World Futbol, which were allocated for donation to the Gundersen Lutheran Global Partners program. Over the past year, Global Partners teams have given several of the One World Futbols to an orphanage in Nyakato, Tanzania; a primary school in Santa Celia, Nicaragua; and to Porcupine School on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota! Thank you for your generosity in "giving the gift of soccer" in a long-lasting way to many children in these communities.

Give the gift of soccerA limited number of One World Futbols will again be available for purchase at the 2013 Gundersen Cup. The "Give One Get One" offer is $45... you get to keep one of the world's most durable soccer balls for yourself, and give one to a Global Partners community in need!
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