Volunteer FAQs

Do I need to be a Gundersen employee to volunteer through Global Partners?

No, anyone is welcome to volunteer through the Global Partners program! Participation is not limited to Gundersen employees. We often have family members of employees and other community members on trips who work specifically in non-clinical roles. Healthcare professionals from other healthcare institutions are also welcome to participate in the program. Anyone interested in volunteering, whether or not a GHS employee, should indicate their interest by completing a Volunteer Form.

Do I need to be a nurse or a provider to volunteer through Global Partners?
Not necessarily! The roles needed for each team will vary based on the purpose of the trip. Some trips have a surgical or medical focus, so those teams will be comprised mostly of volunteers with clinical backgrounds. However, many medical trips also need non-clinical volunteers to assist in the clinic (to help register patients, sort supplies, etc). As our partnerships have continued to expand, there are now also trips being planned with a public health, educational, or other community development focus. If you would like to volunteer in a non-medical role, please review the volunteer opportunities for non-clinical individuals for each site, and then complete the Volunteer Form to let us know of your specific interest!

Does Gundersen pay for my time or expenses to participate in a Global Partners trip?
No, Gundersen does NOT pay for the volunteer's time or expenses. Gundersen employees may choose to take PTO or unpaid time off – you need to make arrangements with your manager. Gundersen associate and medical staff may also use CME time (but not CME money) to participate in a Global Partners trip.
NOTE: It is very important that you acquire the time off prior to committing to go on a trip. The team depends on each person for a successful trip, and it can be very difficult to find replacement volunteers for last-minute cancellations.

I would like to participate in a Global Partners trip, but I am unable to afford the cost of a trip. Is there any financial assistance available to volunteers?
Volunteers are encouraged to seek support from their family and friends or engage in other personal fundraising in order to raise funds. Also, a Global Partners Grants fund will be available to Gundersen employees only through the Gundersen Medical Foundation. Gundersen employees with financial need can apply to this fund for small grants (typically up to $500) to be used towards a Global Partners trip. However, if awarded a Global Partners Grant, the volunteer is still responsible for paying the remaining expenses related to a trip, which may be $1000 or more depending on the destination.

What opportunities exist for involving my child(ren) and my child(ren)'s school in my volunteer experience?
There are many ways to engage your children in your trip! Go to the public library or your child's school library to check out books that will help you both learn about the culture, history, language, etc.of the place where you are headed. Involve your children and/or school in collecting items for the community (talk to your trip leader for a list of items that are needed). Consider raising money to pay for the shipping of these items (airlines charge baggage fees to bring an extra suitcase full of supplies), or raising funds to adopt a classroom or sponsor a student in the community. Talk to your trip leader to see if there are any educational partnerships in place that perhaps your child's teacher or school would be interested in supporting.

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