Gundersen Global Partners Volunteer Form

In order to assist you in finding the right volunteer opportunity, please complete this volunteer form. A member of the Global Partners team will follow up with you regarding your interest within 2 weeks.

If you have already completed this form or participated on a previous trip through Global Partners, please email to inquire about participating on a future trip. You do not need to re-complete the volunteer form.

Thank you!

1. General Information

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number


Address 1


2. Volunteer and community experience

Please list your previous volunteer experiences. For each experience, please include the organization you volunteered with, dates, location and what you did (your role).
Briefly describe your community affiliations (e.g. Rotary Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, etc.)
How did you hear about the Global Partners program?

If other in question above, please explain.
In what capacity are you interested in volunteering with Global Partners?

If you are interested in volunteering on a service mission trip, which Global Partners site are you most interested in volunteering at?

Do you have any information or questions that you would like answered regarding volunteer opportunities?

3. Employment Information

What is your employment status?

Current employer (if retired, please list your most recent employer)
If you are a Gundersen Lutheran Employee, please enter your Employee Number
Check the box next to any licenses you currently hold:

If you hold other licenses, please indicate what type:
Work role/job duties/specialty

4. Education/Training Information

Major subjects/degree/training

5. Hobbies, Skills and Languages

Hobbies and/or skills
Language(s) and ability

6. Volunteer Service Trip Information

What are you looking for in a volunteer service trip experience? Why do you want to go?
Do you have any experience with people or nationalities or cultures other than your own such as travel overseas, community living, inner city work/living, etc? Please explain clearly.
In what capacity would you like to volunteer on a trip?

If other in question above, please explain
What strengths would you bring to a volunteer team?
When are you interested in going on a volunteer service trip?
Participation in Global Partners activities is completely voluntary and creates no employer/employee relationship. If you are a Gundersen Lutheran employee, participation, or non-participation will not affect your performance evaluation. Associate and support staff who voluntarily participate in Global Partners may use either PTO/vacation or a personal leave (unpaid time) to do so. Those who have PTO will not be restricted from applying for a personal leave of absence as outlined in HR-535.
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