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Healers at Wounded Knee Video Series
Gundersen Global Partners-Pine Ridge works in collaboration with a host of organizations on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the Oglala Lakota people and their communities.

Why Pine Ridge?
Gundersen Health System and Native American leaders in South Dakota selected the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Global Partners partnership because of the vital need for medical and specialty services, educational support and community development initiatives. Current data demonstrates the need for continued assistance:
  • The life expectancy for men is just 48 years; for women it is 52 years.
  • The diabetes rate is eight times greater than the national average.
  • Indian Health Service (IHS), the sole healthcare provider on Pine Ridge, provides less than $2,900 annually in healthcare per Native American. Healthcare expenditures for the average American is more than $7,700 a year.
Pine Ridge native Dr. Don Warne, MD, MPH, gave a presentation to Gundersen medical staff describing the complex factors contributing to the health inequalities of American Indians. Click here to watch Dr. Warne's 45 minute presentation .

Current Projects
  • Behavioral Health Partnerships — Partner with Pine Ridge Reservation communities and organizations to provide culturally appropriate training and tools to address behavioral health issues.
  • Community Projects — Develop relationships with organizations and support initiatives that have community-ownership and engagement.
  • CPR Training — Educate participants in how to appropriately perform lifesaving CPR.
  • First Aid Fair — Share information and encourage conversation with Pine Ridge teens about basic first aid. Have students demonstrate knowledge of first aid training.
  • Health Careers Camp — Expose Native youth to health professions through hands-on training and job shadowing opportunities during week-long camp in La Crosse.
  • Health Fair and Nutrition Education — Share information and encourage conversation with Pine Ridge teens about health and nutrition. Conduct community-based educational sessions to encourage healthy eating.
  • Leadership Camp — Provide training and skill building techniques to Pine Ridge Reservation youth about how to be a leader within their own community.
  • Nursing Scholarship — To support the education of a student through the Oglala Lakota College school of nursing.
  • Physical Exams — Perform physical exams on students to allow attendance at Head Starts and athletic participation in schools.
  • Specialty Partnerships — Partner with the Indian Health Service (IHS) in providing specialty services to the Lakota people and training to IHS staff.

Interested in learning more about the Pine Ridge partnerships?
Contact Global Partners office at (608) 775-3833 or

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