Nicaragua Partners

The work of Global Partners-Nicaragua is supported by many local organizations, as well as partners in Nicaragua.

Local Partnerships

  • Aquinas High School: collected baseball equipment and apparel
  • Blessed Sacrament School: donated Spanish reading books
  • La Crosse and La Crescent Rotary Clubs: supported purchase of water filters
  • La Crosse County Public Health Department: provided baby scale for Santa Celia community health assessment
  • La Crosse Radio Group: donated advertisements to promote the housing project raffle
  • Longfellow Middle School: supported purchase of water filters and provided school supplies
  • North Woods International School: held a school-wide read-a-thon to raise funds used to purchase desks, textbooks and school supplies
  • Rotary Works Foundation: supported purchase of water filters
  • Travel Leaders: donated a portion of the grand prize for the housing project raffle
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Community Health Education Department: participated in Santa Celia community health assessments; provides ongoing public health guidance
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Western Campus of Nursing: participated in Santa Celia community interviews
  • Viterbo University Interpreter Program: provided interpreters to support volunteer teams; provides ongoing translation and interpretation support

Nicaragua Partnerships

Rainbow Network: The Rainbow Network is a faith-based organization working to end extreme poverty in Nicaragua through housing, healthcare, education, micro-finance, and sustainable agriculture. By integrating these programs and by working with local community leaders, Rainbow Network is finding effective solutions to the problems that cause poverty. Global Partners-Nicaragua is striving to intensify Rainbow Network's model of community development to more deeply address areas of need. To learn more about Rainbow Network, please see their website:

Matagalpa Regional Hospital: The Hospital Regional Cesar Amador Molina (HRCAM) in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, serves an area of over 500,000 individuals yet has only 300 beds and a limited number of services available. Global Partners-Nicaragua has donated EKG machines to the hospital, and has also had volunteer physicians participate in hospital rounds, evidence-based training, and surgical cases with Nicaraguan physicians at HRCAM. Global Partners-Nicaragua continues to explore ways to support healthcare delivered at this facility.

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