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Global Partners-Nicaragua aims to improve the overall health of the people and their communities in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua by helping communities secureadequate nutrition, a clean water supply and safe housing. The Global Partners-Nicaragua program promotes education and collaborates with Nicaraguan medical providers to improve access to vital healthcare. The program supports changes that are seen as valuable by the citizens of the region and can be sustained by their own efforts.

Why Nicaragua?
Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti. Most of the country is mountainous and rural, making it difficult for people to access needed services and opportunities. The state of Wisconsin and the Coulee Region in particular enjoy a long history of partnerships with Nicaragua, making it a natural fit for Global Partners.

Current Projects

  • Asset Mapping — Explore with the citizens of the Nuevo Santa Celia community their hopes and dreams for their new community and facilitate conversations about the strengths they possess to move their community forward.
  • Community Health & Literacy Assessments — Conduct health and literacy assessment in rural Nicaraguan communities to gather baseline data and determine need for projects or interventions.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening and Education — Train Nicaraguan gynecologist at Fara Clinic to perform cystoscopy in order to improve early detection of cervical cancer in the Matagalpa Region of Nicaragua.
  • Early Detection of Breast Cancer — Improve early detection of breast cancer for women in the Matagalpa Region of Nicaragua.
  • Education Workshops —  Teach education program coordinators, government teachers and student tutors simple, effective and adaptable strategies and games they can use to encourage and reinforce reading and math skills to primary students, as well as classroom planning and management skills.
  • Helping Babies Breathe — Provide training to Nicaraguan medical professionals, lay midwives, and community healthcare workers in the immediate care of newborn babies born unexpectedly at home in rural areas of Nicaragua in order to increase survival and long-term health of those newborns.
  • Lending Library — Establish small lending libraries in rural Nicaraguan communities to promote literacy.
  • Medical Education — Engage in meaningful discussions with Nicaragua healthcare providers to share and learn best practices across cultures.
  • Pediatric Surgery — Partner with pediatric surgeons at the Matagalpa Regional Hospital to provide needed equipment and training in surgical techniques that will improve the delivery of services to this region.
  • Vision Screening — Provide comprehensive eye exams and glasses as appropriate to rural Nicaraguan populations who do not have access to this level of care.

Interested in learning more about the Nicaragua partnerships?
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