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When Gundersen Global Partners traveled to Ethiopia on Feb. 27, 2014, a local television news reporter and photographer went along to learn what was happening with Project Mercy. They are now spreading the word about the great work being done in the Yetebon Region.

Emmy Award winning journalist Amy DuPont and News 19 photographer Mark Bronson traveled to Ethiopia, documenting the work done by Global Partners and Project Mercy.

Watch WXOW's story.

The inaugural Global Partners-Ethiopia volunteer team departed Feb. 27, 2014 for Yetebon, Ethiopia, and provided surgical services, vision screenings, first aid training, and other services in partnership with Project Mercy.

In early 2013, Global Partners announced a new partnership with Project Mercy in Yetebon, Ethiopia.

After more than three years of successful surgical work at Nyakato Health Center in Mwanza, Tanzania in East Africa, International Health Partners (the non-governmental organization with which we partnered) has left the Mwanza area. They are making plans to build a new pediatric facility north of Dar es Salaam in Zynga. You can read below for some history of Global Partners' work in Tanzania.

In 2013, Global Partners selected Project Mercy as our new partner in Africa to continue building community-to-community partnerships focused on healthcare, education and community development initiatives.

Here is what Project Mercy has to offer:

  • Fully functioning hospital, clinic and dental unit with one surgeon on staff and several contracted physicians.
  • K-12 school on campus with about 1,500 students; a new off-site high school will soon open.
  • Children's Home on site with 70+ children who have lost their parents or have a parent who is unable to support them.
  • Test gardens to experiment with fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the arid climate.
  • Currently raising cattle that can survive the dry weather and limited feed. Very few people in the area have tasted milk and, therefore, the cattle will be a nutritious source of dairy products and meat.
  • Chicken and honeybee projects in progress; hoping to start a cheese-making program.

The Global Partners-Ethiopia leadership team is currently developing plans with Project Mercy for what specific projects will be the focus of this new partnership. In a general sense, though, the partnership will strive to improve the overall health of the people and community, which means addressing needs beyond healthcare, such as education, housing, healthy drinking water, agriculture and more.

There will be many volunteer opportunities available in Ethiopia for medical and non-medical staff, including:

  • Medical, surgical, podiatric and dental teams as well as nurses and certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Teachers and educators
  • Individuals to conduct community and school health assessments
  • Dairy and poultry science experts, as well as people experienced in bee-keeping and cheese-making.

The first Global Partners trip to Ethiopia took place in February-March 2014. The next trips are planned for late winter 2015 - there will be two back-to-back, 2-week long trips in February 2015. If you are interested in volunteering on a trip, please complete the Volunteer Form or email

One of our volunteers holding the hand of a young child in the ClinicHistory of Global Partners-Tanzania

The Tanzania team partnered with International Health Partners, TZ, a 501C3 NGO providing medical and surgical care for patients as well as educational sessions with the local staff during trips in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Our primary objective was to provide continuing sustainable health care, education and supplies therefore enhancing health care needs long-term. Gundersen's partnership with Nyakato Health Center focused on offering general medical care, general surgery and OB/Gyn care. Teams in 2011 and 2012 also had the opportunity to provide health screenings at a local orphanage in Nyakato.

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