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Watch Global Partners' Ethiopia story
When Gundersen Global Partners traveled to Ethiopia on Feb. 27, 2014, a local television news reporter and photographer went along to learn what was happening with Project Mercy. They are now spreading the word about the great work being done in the Yetebon Region.

Emmy Award winning journalist Amy DuPont and News 19 photographer Mark Bronson traveled to Ethiopia, documenting the work done by Global Partners and Project Mercy.

Watch WXOW's story.

Global Partners-Ethiopia teams deliver medical and surgical care, educational opportunities, encouragement and support for local healthcare providers, students and community members in collaboration with Project Mercy. Project Mercy is an Ethiopian-based NGO and is our new partner in Yetebon. This partnership includes University of Wisconsin-Madison and other organizations.

Why Ethiopia?

The United States and Ethiopia have a long history of partnership. Global Partners found a great opportunity to build upon those connections and help improve the quality of life in Ethiopian communities, focusing first on the Yetebon community.

  • Ethiopia faces extreme poverty, with nearly one in every three people live on less than $1.25 a day (World Bank, 2011).
  • Ethiopia faces a vast shortage of healthcare workers, with less than one physician for every 30,000 people, and less than three nurses and midwives for every 10,000 people. (World Health Organization, 2011).
  • The mortality rate for children under age 5 per 1,000 live births is 77, compared to the United States, which is 8 per 1,000 live births. (WHO, 2011).
  • Nearly 78 percent of the families in the Yetebon Region do not have access to clean drinking water. (Project Mercy, 2004).
  • A 2013 UNESCO report found that approximately 57 million children worldwide were not attending school in 2011— 29.8 million of those children were living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Current Projects

  • General Surgery — Work alongside Ethiopian surgery staff at Project Mercy to provide surgical services to those living in the Yetebon area. Share surgical and nursing experiences and techniques between the GP and Project Mercy teams.
  • Vision Screening — Identify students who might be struggling with their learning due to a vision issue, which could be referred to an ophthalmologist in a nearby town.
  • Sewing — Repair and teach electric sewing machine techniques to several of the staff at Project Mercy in order for them to see needed items for Project Mercy, hospital, school, or student population.

Interested in learning more about the Ethiopia partnerships?
Contact Global Partners office at (608) 775-3833 or

History of Global Partners in Africa

One of our volunteers holding the hand of a young child in the ClinicGlobal Partners originally began efforts in Africa through a partnership with a Tanzanian-based NGO called International Health Partners (IHP) which operated the Nyakato Health Center. From 2010-2012, our partnership with IHP focused on offering general medical care, general surgery and OB/Gyn care, as well as educational sessions with the local Tanzanian staff. Teams in 2011 and 2012 also had the opportunity to provide health screenings at a local orphanage in Nyakato.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, IHP left Nyakato in late 2012 and began to make plans to build a new hospital in another region of Tanzania. Their departure from Nyakato prompted Global Partners to find a new partner in Africa, which resulted in the first volunteer team heading to Ethiopia in 2013 to work at Project Mercy.

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