Charlie & Marian Loeffler

New endowment fund recognizes longtime donors

   “When you invest in the Foundation, you’re giving it to people who know what they’re doing with the money and get good returns.”
~ Charles Loeffler

Charles Loeffler (pictured at home and in an earlier photo with his late wife, Marian) decided to express their gratitude with a lasting gift to Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation.
For over two decades, Charles (Charlie) and Marian Loeffler have been among the loyal supporters of Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation whose names you never saw or heard. Choosing to remain anonymous over all those years of giving, the Loefflers’ approach to philanthropy “exemplifies the type of donor who forms the backbone of our efforts,” says Robyn Tanke, CFRE, chief development officer for the Foundation. “They are strong, consistent, educated, informed—and knowledgeable about what they want to support.”

Medical education and research have always been of particular interest to the Loefflers, and they would often designate their gifts accordingly. As Heritage Society members, the Loefflers have made annual contributions to Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation for 30 consecutive years without missing a beat. Their financial support of the Foundation was effectively doubled each year through matching gifts from Northern States Power Company, where Charlie spent his entire professional career. Countless memorial and tribute gifts were received from the Loefflers over the years as well. As Charlie explains, “When you invest in the Foundation, you’re giving it to people who know what they’re doing with the money and get good returns. They utilize it in the areas where it’s best needed.”

When Marian passed away earlier this year, Charlie began talking with Robyn about making a major gift, something he and Marian had discussed often. “We always had such good relations with Gundersen Lutheran in all aspects,” says Charlie. “We could never say enough about them and the way we’ve been treated. The people there just go out of their way to help you in any way they can. You can’t ask for any more.”

For a couple who have been such faithful Foundation donors, it seemed appropriate that their ultimate gift be structured to continue that tradition of annual giving even beyond their lifetimes. So this spring, the Charles E. and Marian R. Loeffler Endowment Fund was created to do just that. From this point forward, annual earnings from the Loefflers’ $150,000 endowment gift will be used at the discretion of the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation Board in support of the organization’s main mission of medical education, research, and community health.

“I know this is the way Marian would have wanted it,” says Charlie. “We wanted to invest it so the returns would go forward and the Foundation could handle things in the way they so desire.

Marian and I just felt like we wanted to give back to people because we always felt we were fortunate in what we did have.”

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation is both proud and grateful to finally be able to recognize this extraordinary couple as permanent partners in our mission. “The endowment fund they have established says a lot about their trust in Gundersen Lutheran and the Foundation,” says Robyn Tanke. “Although we talked about designating the endowment for a specific purpose, in the end Charles chose to create an undesignated endowment that would support all the mission components of the Foundation. I think that’s what they both wanted to accomplish, so their giving will continue beyond their lives and continue to make a difference well into the future.”

Charlie Loeffler agrees. “It’s just something that we wanted to do, and we got it done. Hopefully, we’ll be helping people down the road.”
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