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Giving Where You Can See Results

Beverly StuhrBeverly Stuhr’s 20-year career with Gundersen Lutheran took place during an era of remarkable organizational growth and change. “When I interviewed in 1968, I was told the Clinic had 40 to 50 physicians and they hoped to grow to 80 physicians by 1980,” Bev recalls. “Well, by 1980 I think we had reached 150 physicians!”

Retired in 1988 as the Clinic’s controller, Bev maintains strong ties  with the organization as an active member of the emeritus group of medical and administrative staff who meet regularly at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation. “You develop strong relationships over 20 years of working together,” Bev says. “I enjoyed my years there very much, and this gives me a chance to see people that I really like, but wouldn’t see otherwise.”

The emeritus breakfast meetings also give Bev the opportunity to see how the work of the Foundation has continued to grow and keep pace with change. As a longtime Foundation donor, “I like to support  things where you can see results,” Bev says.“I feel the Foundation is really doing great things, taking on new projects.” Research—particularly cancer research—is a very important cause to Bev, as is medical education.

The desire to see results, coupled with an astute financial knowledge gained through her long career in business affairs,  led Bev to establish two separate charitable gift annuities (CGAs) with Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation. The first, in 2005, was  triggered by some low performing stock she owned. As Bev explains, “By gifting the stock to the Foundation I got a tax deduction, which I needed that particular year. And I receive a guaranteed income stream from the CGA that is four or five times what I would not have had otherwise.” After the sale of her home in 2008, Bev decided to establish a second CGA because the earnings were so favorable compared to other rates of return. Making this type of gift is a financial win-win: “It’s good for me, and it’s good for the Foundation,” she says.

Bev’s admiration for the work of the Foundation is clear. “I’m just very impressed with what they have been able to do over the years,” she says. “It’s a very unique relationship, and I’ve certainly appreciated how it has evolved. I love being able to go back because I love to see the people.”
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