Sheila Caine Cancer Survivorship Fund

Helping meet the needs of cancer patients throughout treatment and beyond

The Sheila Caine Cancer Survivorship Fund was established in loving memory of Sheila Caine by her sister and brother-in-law, Ellen and Patrick Conway, MD. The fund will be used to help offer ongoing support of Gundersen Health System’s Cancer Survivorship Clinic.

About the Clinic

The Cancer Survivorship Clinic assists patients with the transition from cancer treatment to recovery. It helps take the sole focus off cancer, chemo appointments and lab results, and encourages patients to embrace their passion in life—much like Sheila did.

It is the hope of the Conway’s that this fund, created in Sheila’s memory, will help sustain the programs and services of the Survivorship Clinic well into the future – even after other outside funding sources have diminished. The fund will help cover the costs of education and materials. If you would like to help, considering making a donation and designate it to the Sheila Caine Cancer Survivorship Fund.

Sheila Caine’s story

The Sheila Caine Cancer Survivorship Fund was established in loving memory of Sheila CaineSheila was a loving wife of 25 years, a dedicated mother and talented accountant. But in addition to being a left-brained thinker, Sheila was uniquely gifted with creative and artistic abilities. From knitting, sewing and stenciling to oil painting and gardening, she embraced them all.

"Sheila didn’t care if there was a little dust on the coffee table," says Ellen. "And, it didn’t matter who was waiting. She believed in feeding her creative side. That’s truly how she lived her life."

Sadly, Sheila was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45. The cancer was quite advanced upon diagnosis and progressed rapidly. During one of Ellen’s last conversations with her sister, they spoke about why Sheila kept so quiet throughout her illness. Sheila said, "I always thought tomorrow would be better…would bring new things."

Through it all, Sheila rarely complained. Even despite intense pain, she continued her love of crafts and had the willpower to knit two baptismal gowns for grandchildren she knew she’d never meet.
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